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There are many ways that a probate can go wrong. Defects in a will or mistakes in estate administration can lead to significant disputes. I help clients fight for what they are entitled to in probate litigation. At the Law Offices of John Mead, clients get an aggressive and talented San Antonio probate litigation attorney to watch out for their best interests. Contact me to schedule your free initial consultation regarding a dispute over a will, or probate and estate administration.

A will contest can arise when the will itself is called into question. If someone used undue influence to shape the will in their favor, the provisions of the will may not be followed. If the person who made the will lacked the capacity to make those important decisions, the will may not be followed. For a will to be upheld, it should reflect the actual intent of the deceased. When that intent is frustrated, either through fraud, or incapacity, the will should not control the final distribution of assets.

Probate litigation also includes situations where the probate process is tainted with fraud or unacceptable conduct. A breach of fiduciary duty by an executor or an administrator can lead to waste and a misallocation of assets. In some cases, self-dealing and fraud can drain an estate and cheat the rightful devisees or heirs out of what is due to them. In these cases, you need an aggressive and tenacious probate litigation lawyer to fight for you. Don’t let unscrupulous people take what does not belong to them through the probate system.

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Contact me if you think the probate process has gone wrong. As an experienced San Antonio trial attorney, I can represent you in court to make sure you get what you deserve. Probate and estate administration and litigation relating to probate require skilled San Antonio probate lawyers with the background and training to understand these difficult cases.

The Law Offices of John Mead provide legal services in family law, divorce, and probate throughout the San Antonio metropolitan area, including Bexar, Medina, Kendall, Guadalupe, Comal, Atascosa, and Wilson Counties, Texas.

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