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Although some people find it a difficult topic to discuss, it’s both important and helpful to take the time to talk with a wills lawyer in San Antonio about sharing your wishes with family and friends. It need not be uncomfortable or stressful to get your affairs in order. An experienced wills lawyer can help you consider:

  • Who should care for your children if you are not able to do so?
  • Who do you want to inherit your possessions?
  • How can you ensure your children have the financial support they need in your absence?
  • Who should pay your bills or make medical decisions for you if you are incapacitated?
  • What kind of medical care do you want—or not want—if you are in a critical medical situation or at the end of life?

A properly prepared plan, with a will or trust and other advanced directives, can communicate your wishes on all of these matters—and can do even more.

Legal Help from a San Antonio Wills Lawyer

Don’t put off these important decisions a day longer. Contact The Law Offices of John A. Mead. I’ve been helping individuals and families with their estate planning needs for more than 35 years. I can help you prepare accurate documents that ensure your wishes are followed.

As your San Antonio wills attorney, I will personally take you step-by-step through the process of creating a legal will to ensure that your possessions and property are passed to the people whom you most love. An effective legal will can also provide creditor protection to your surviving family members, minimize burdensome tax consequences, and provide for contributions to your favorite charities.

San Antonio Wills, Trusts and Directives

A legal will is imperative to ensure that your legacy is preserved and your loved ones are provided for in accordance with your wishes. If you die without a legally valid will, the state will determine who inherits your property. The state’s determination may not reflect your wishes. An effective will can also save your loved ones time and money.

While a trust is not for everyone, it can be an invaluable tool for families concerned about the tax consequences of their estate. It allows money to be professionally managed, to be distributed at a later date when certain criteria have been met, and it shelters money from excess taxation.

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Contact my law office to learn more about all the estate planning tools at your disposal, including living wills (advanced healthcare directives), and powers of attorney for financial and medical decision making.

I can also advise you as a probate lawyer in San Antonio and represent you in probate litigation. In addition, I have considerable experience as a San Antonio divorce lawyer.

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