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When a person has died without a will (intestate), an heir may need to go to court to establish his or her right to inherit as the next of kin (intestate succession). This is called an heirship proceeding.

One other instance in which people may go to court to question inheritance rights involves cases of a second or subsequent marriage, when children or a spouse are questioning the rights of one or the other to inherit.

Texas law specifies how property will be divided among heirs when there is no will, but the first step is to prove kinship and the right to inherit.

At The Law Office of John A. Mead I assist clients with all types of probate litigation, including cases brought to Texas probate court to establish the right to inherit. As a Texas probate lawyer with 35 years of legal experience and an in depth knowledge of Texas probate and inheritance laws, I have taken many cases to court in heirship proceedings. I can assist you in proving your inheritance claims.

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Intestate Succession

Texas probate law establishes who may inherit and in what order. There are different degrees of heirship for the estate of a deceased person, and each is eligible for a different percentage of the inheritance distribution. I can explain your inheritance rights and your legal standing to bring an heirship proceeding in court.

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