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The time following the death of a loved one, and for a year (or more) afterward, is a difficult time of grieving. Unfortunately, it is also the time when important legal matters need to be handled to distribute the possessions of the deceased. Probating an estate is usually left to a family member or friend who may never have handled the process before.

If you have been charged with the task of probating an estate in the San Antonio area of Texas (Bexar County, Medina County, Kendall County, Guadalupe County, Comal County, Atascosa County, or Wilson County), The Law Offices of John A. Mead is here to help you through the process.

I’m estate and probate lawyer John Mead. For more than 35 years I’ve been helping individuals and families accomplish their legal goals in estate planning and probate. Contact my San Antonio law office to schedule a free initial consultation.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process by which a person’s debts are paid and property and financial assets are distributed to heirs (those named in a will or heirs under Texas law if there was no will).

The person responsible for handling probate is the “executor” (if named in the will), or an administrator (if there is no will or if no executor was named). This person is in charge of the probate process. Texas has a unique system of estate administration called “independent administration” in which the person named as executor can handle estate administration without court supervision. Although this can keep costs down, it can also lead to greater financial and legal liability for the executor.

How My Office Can Help You with Texas Probate

Probate does not have to be an expensive or complicated process. As a San Antonio probate attorney, I assist heirs and beneficiaries in:

  • Documenting the assets of an estate
  • Determining if anyone owes money to the estate and assisting with collections
  • Documenting creditors and ensuring outstanding debts are paid
  • Clearing title to property and other assets so they can be distributed to heirs
  • Ensuring taxes are prepared and paid

Estate and Probate Litigation

San Antonio Estate litigation may become necessary if heirs believe the probate process has been mismanaged, that a will was improperly written or executed, or a trust was mismanaged. I assist people in challenging will, trustees, and with heirship litigation when the right to inherit has been questioned.

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