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There are many occasions in life when people find themselves in need of a lawyer. Family legal matters are often the most emotionally difficult because they involve the people and things that are most important to us.

When you and your family have a legal need, you will find The Law Offices of John A. Mead to be a caring and knowledgeable source of information, legal guidance, and support. With more than 35 years of legal experience helping families in the greater San Antonio metropolitan area, I have developed a reputation as an aggressive and effective attorney promoting the interests of my clients in negotiations and in court.

I’m attorney John Mead. I invite you to contact my San Antonio law office to schedule a free initial consultation regarding any of the following practice areas:

Family Law

I provide legal guidance and courtroom representation in all areas of family law, from the joys of family building through adoption, ensuring care of children and elders in need of guardianship, and with all the issues that arise in the process of separation and divorce, such as:

Estate Planning

Timely and proper estate planning – wills, trusts, livings wills, and powers of attorney – ensures your family is cared for and your assets distributed in accordance with your wishes. I can help you make informed decisions about your estate and choose the right estate planning tool to meet your needs and goals.

Probate and Estate Administration

The complication and expense that can arise in the process of probating a Texas estate can be minimized with guidance from a probate attorney. I can assist you with issues related to probate and estate administration, as well as probate litigation if you believe that you have been treated unfairly in a will or that a trust has been administered improperly.

Real Estate Litigation

A real estate dispute – whether it relates to boundary issues or liens on a home or breach of a purchase of sale contract for a commercial property – inevitably involves large sums of money. If you have a serious real estate dispute, it is usually worth the time and cost to pursue recovery in court. I have many years of trial court experience. I can help you understand the issues and make a strong case for you in court.

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